Kleancolor Born to the Purple

9:01:00 PM

I recently received my first Kleancolors ever, which I purchased from BeautyJoint.com . I had heard mixed reviews about their packaging, but mine was great! They are bubble wrap masters! Everything arrived in pristine condition, and they even included three extra polishes as a free gift. I'll be reviewing those along with everything else in time. For today, we have Born to the Purple, a magenta jelly with big purple hex glitter.

Application wasn't bad, but it wasn't super easy either. The polish is very gel-like in consistency and the coats were very thick. However, the glitter spread really well and I didn't have to struggle to get some on each nail. I did two coats for the following pictures, and added Seche Vite on top to help the thick polish dry.

See how squishy the jelly looks?

I was pleasantly surprised by Kleancolor Born to the Purple. I didn't expect it to be opaque enough to be worn alone, as most swatches I had seen showed it over black. I think it would look great that way too, but I also love it alone. Born to the Purple is incredibly unique and super sparkly. This is a gorgeous glitter that really stands out. 

What's your favorite chunky glitter?

- Aly

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    kleancolor seems to have unique polishes i really want to try them!

    <3 BB

  2. this is on my wishlist and seeing these pics make me glad its there i will be getting it soon lol!

    shel xx

  3. This is so pretty! I'm going to start reading your blog now; we have very similar taste!