30 DAY CHALLENGE! Day 1: Red -- Essie Times Red Square

9:23:00 PM

I've been inspired by a lot of lovely ladies' takes on the 30 Day Challenge that has been floating around the blogosphere. Today, I found out my friend Zara from Never Unpolished, who actually lives in the same dorm as me, is starting it so I decided to tag along and give it a shot as well.

The first day's challenge is simply the color red, so I picked one from my untrieds: Essie Times Red Square. This is actually one my mom gave me before I left for school this fall, so thanks Mommy :)  As you might know, Essie seems to be the master of jelly crème polishes. Times Red Square follows that trend! I applied 3 thin coats and ended up with a bright and slightly squishy finish.

Like my new nubs? :)

I was surprised at how much I liked Essie Times Red Square. It dried incredibly smooth and shiny, and the juicy look was a nice bonus. Essie polishes always wear really well on me, so that is a plus too! Sadly, I have already removed this beauty because tomorrow is a new day in the challenge :) 

Let me know if you decide to take on the 30 Day Challenge! Remember to take a look at some of the other ladies' Challenge posts as well at Never UnpolishedNails and NomsThe Nailasaurus and Ash-Lilly's Lacquer Lust

- Aly

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  1. Looks gorgeous! I've finally made it to Day 20 and my nails and I are exhausted! It's great for developing/learning nail art skills though!
    Good luck xx